Established in 1993, OmniTrust

(formerly SGF Group) provides fiduciary services in a new fashion, thanks to the organisation’s vision, insight, and structure. We not only focus on larger corporates but also serve Luxembourg SMEs, each in a way customised to their unique needs. Our service approach is tailored to meeting business and organisational requirements, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our multilingual and multicultural staff members stay up-to-date with legal, regulatory and market changes through frequent training and professional development courses. As a Goldilocks organisation – not too big, not too small - we retain the agility and flexibility to deliver what you require, and, just as importantly, we can do this while remaining cost effective. Our collaborative approach with our clientele also facilitates quick turnarounds to any enquiries.

Building on experience gained in either « Big 4 » environments or in the fiduciary field, within entities running the gamut from small through to larger listed firms, we bring to the table real-world expertise and knowledge of the various sectors where our clients are active (private equity, real estate, corporate, entrepreneurs, SMEs, family businesses…). What’s more, Vericom, another Luxembourg-based OmniGroup company, can help the Board of Directors discharge its duties as « Commissaire aux Compte ».

Additionally, OmniTrust can also support your international development through its close connections to fellow members of Kreston, a global network of independent accounting firms amounting to 21 000 professionals found across 110 countries.

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Aurore Calvi

Managing Director

Not just accountants, but trusted advisers working together with you at each step of your entity’s lifecycle